Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spring flowers

My cactus were in all their splendor, bloomed like crazy these past months. I also planted different kinds of lettuce greens, since I do not have a yard, they're in containers in the carport and here are the results. The pkg was called "Mesculin Mix", which I really liked and I have been having wonderful salads. Too bad there was no radicchio seeds in the mix. It's now getting very hot, high 80's and I'm about to pull out the few remainders. Perhaps I will plant these again next week-end.

New additions

It has been ages since I last added anything to this blog. Yhe reason?? I thought I had deleted it. I tried to start a new one and was not allowed, should I have deleted this one first?? since I am computer challenged, I have no idea, everything I do is trial and error.
All my doll artists friends have lovely blogs,their work is outstanding, and I will post their sites for one and all to visit. If you wish to share your link, please do so.
This will be a big update, comments are welcome and i thank you for visiting.